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Product Research
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Brand Research
Satisfaction Study
Mystery Customer Research
Ad hoc Study
    Industry Research
Market Assessments
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Competitive Intelligence
Voice of Customer (VOC) Analysis 
Market Entry Research
Market Monitoring
Sourcing and Supply Research
    Data Services
Interview and Data Process
Online Market Research
Electronic Data Service
Custom Data Service
Digital Marketing Services
Statistics and Data Mining Service

Consumer Insight
Understanding of consumer U&A on the potential needs, usage and habits; product and brand attitudes of information; analysis the competitive situation. Combined the demographics and data analysis for product penetration and market potential.

New product/service research & forecast
To find environment, policies & technology trends; estimates market potential & segments; understand customer needs; design the value chain, distribution network. Monitoring changes to determine the key success factors & opportunities.

Data Acquisition Marketing
Flexible data collection to ensure the accuracy of quality data; In-depth data management, analysis and data mining, to ensure effective use of data for decision-making; Efficient data support system for communication and services to achieve goals


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